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With two locations, Dance Kix is one of the leading dance institutions in the area around Gladstone. At our school, we aim to encourage a widespread love of dance, welcoming children and adults who can’t help but feel the rhythm!

About Dance Kix

Located in Gladstone and Boyne Island, Dance Kix is a comprehensive and family friendly dance facility. Our studios offer several dance styles for students from pre-school age through to adulthood.  

Dance Kix was formed to provide a place of inspiration and creativity, to feed the soul and nourish the body. Fostering a community of kindness and inclusivity within our dance school is what makes Dance Kix different from the rest. Our values stretch beyond the dance floor and set our students up to be balanced, well adjusted and caring humans within our community.

When you first arrive, you’ll notice our studios bubble with positivity! We have created a nurturing teaching environment that encourages students to adopt a growth mindset. This helps them to step out of their comfort zone and be courageous when trying something for the first time. For this reason, we tend to attract students of all ages, many of whom are very new to dance.

Dance Kix is customer focused to make life easier for students and their parents. We offer multiple communication channels and employ staff who are invested, informative, empathetic and understand the value of human connection.

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms. ”

— Zen Shin

We encourage students to get to know their strengths and become self-assured, rather than seeking validation by comparing themselves to others in competitions.

Dance Kix strives to be recognised for excellence as a business and supporter of young children’s development. We were proud to receive Gladstone’s Best In Business award for Best Individual Service and named Business to Watch in 2018. Dance Kix were winners in The National What’s on 4 Kids Awards in 2019 for Best Local Preschooler Activity and Best Customer Focus. In 2018 we were also finalists for Best Local Activity 5-12 years.

To get started at our studio, try a two week trial class pass. Priced at just $20, this will give you a preview of what’s on offer at Dance Kix.

Weekly Classes



Dance Kix Studios is a creative and nurturing place where students feel connected, empowered and are encouraged to celebrate individuality as part of our tribe.

Our team goal is to foster an energised environment of positivity, where students can feel inspired, motivated and supported to dream, believe and succeed, not just as a dancer, but also within the wider community.


Continual Improvement – We are creative, resourceful and believe that we can always do better. Unafraid of feedback, we are open and reflective and always seek to improve.

Integrity – We are virtuous. We treat ourselves and others with respect and honesty. We are kind, thoughtful and considerate of other people, by treating them as we would like to be treated.

Dream big, have fun and succeed – We believe in ourselves and each other. We dream, set goals and take active steps to succeed. We thrive on positivity and have fun always.

Service Excellence – We reach out and connect with our students and parents, to build positive relationships. We strive to provide service excellence in every area of our dance school.

Family & Community – We create connections for students and parents to become part of our tribe! We celebrate our students individuality and foster friendships. We nurture them within an energised and positive community environment.

Innovative Expertise – Dance Kix values the professional development of our team. We invest in our staff for the provision of high-quality class content and dance programs within our studios.

Our Team
Our Team
  • We are passionate and inspiring – We are energetic. We create happiness wherever we go. We mentor and connect.
  • We are creative and resourceful – We innovate. We leverage the creative genius within our team. We never stop learning.
  • We enrich our ‘tribe’ – We foster positivity. We celebrate individuality. We empower and uplift our Dance Kix tribe.
  • We are reflective and open – We are unafraid of feedback. We take it and learn from it. We are self respecting, and respect others.
  • We are dreamers – We set goals and go for them. We support each student and their dreams.

Our Teachers

The Dance Kix team of energetic, passionate and friendly dance instructors value high quality teaching and the concept of positive psychology.

Donna Hann

Founder & Creative Director
Donna began dancing at the age of 5 and teaching at age 17. She holds a BA in Drama & Dance, Cert II WAAPA Music Theatre.

Shauna Keogh

Customer Experience & Account Coordinator
Shauna has a special ability to connect with students and help them relax if they are feeling anxious or shy; it’s one of her super powers!

Helena Little

Teacher and Preschool Program Coordinator
Helena’s nurturing and engaging style of teaching, is perfect for our preschool program and Boys Hip Hop!

Tracey Radmall

Tracey has a long history with dance, starting at a very tender age and has experience in many styles of dance – with tap being her favourite!

Taylor Goodman-Jones

Taylor instantly displayed the core values that we look for in a team member. Taylor is generous of spirit and of course inspired by dance

Heidi Airton

Assistant Teacher
Heidi is inspired by the benefits of dance which extend beyond the studio. She particularly enjoys welcoming new students into Dance Kix and supporting those students who need some extra help in class.

Leila Mewburn

Leila has the positive attitude and qualities that we love and loves to bring new ideas to our team! She teaches our preschool program Ready Set Dance, Ballet, Jazz/Hip Hop and Contemporary.

Natalie Buhagiar

Natalie is incredibly caring and kind to her students and members of our team, and as a Mum of two she understands the perspective of a parent too.

Chloe Spoljaric

Teacher and Administrator
Chloe has a huge heart and loves to see her students shine. She teaches our preschool program Ready Set Dance, Ballet, Jazz/Hip Hop and Contemporary.

Blair Goodman-Jones

Teacher and Administrator
Blair joined our team in 2018 as an assistant teacher. Our students were captivated by her bubbly and supportive nature and she quickly became a very important part of our team and began working in our office as an administrator. Blair loves to tap dance and in addition to teaching Musical Theatre, Jazz and Ballet, she has become a huge fan our teaching our Ready Set Dance preschool program.