Here’s why you should never miss the chance to dance!

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One of the best parts of my job as the Creative Director of Dance Kix, is seeing joy dance across the faces of tiny dancers as they wiggle to the music and giggle with their newly made friends.

On the surface level, a dance class is about having fun and burning off some energy, however the long term benefits of dance run much deeper.

In a couch potato culture, dance teaches you body awareness and provides a top-to-toe fitness workout.  And let’s be honest, we all need a little bit more exercise in our lives! Dancing is good for your brain, heart, lungs and bones, plus it increases your strength, stamina and flexibility too. Not only will it give you physical confidence, but it will give you mental and emotional strength too.

Dance and music are proven to promote brain stimulation and lower anxiety and depression.  Research has shown that music stimulates the brain’s reward centres, while dance activates sensory and motor circuits and increases neuroplasticity.  This increased brain power improves mental sharpness, agility, intelligence and, dare I say it mums and dads… increases attention span!

Dance builds resilience and determination because, well, dance is hard!  Despite failed attempts at a particular step or movement, dancers keep trying until they can’t get it wrong.  This age old art form dishes out a few slices of humble pie, but with it comes a healthy dose of self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence.  And whether it is your new-found self worth or your newly flexed, bulging brain, dance can actually help to achieve better grades in school, handle peer pressure, manage emotions and many other things that are thrown at our tiny dancers as they grow to be successful adults within our community.

On top of all that, dancers build memories and friendships that last a lifetime. Perhaps it’s from the long hours spent together in a studio, performing on stage, accomplishments in exams or competitions, in my experience, the saying is certainly true ‘Friends who dance together, stay together’.

The shared experience of becoming a better dancer through passion, perseverance and determination unites dancers all over the world.  And because dance builds awareness and appreciation of the differences and similarities between people, not only does it shape dancers to be better people, it also makes the world a better place to be. For that reason, we should never miss the chance to dance!


Leila Mewburn
Creative Director of Dance Kix


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