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Make time to chat with your Preschooler

The start of the year is a busy time! In addition to preschoolers having their own set of challenges early in the year, they can sometimes get caught up in our ‘rushing’ too. Now might be a good time to ‘check in’ with them. Here are some ways to explore conversations with your little person while making life long connections.

Starting Kindy/Prep

Taking that BIG step and attending kindy or prep can be overwhelming, exciting or sometimes a little bit of both. Although it can be overwhelming for our children, it can also be equally overwhelming for us parents. If we are a ‘first timer’ many of us may not have encountered a school setting since we left school ourselves!

The Shy Child!

When a shy child comes into the studio the physical signs are easy to spot – a lowered chin to chest, semi-closed eyes, thumbs and or fingers in mouth, and often darting behind Mum or Dad, clinging to their legs trying to hide. They retreat into a protective shell that can be hard to prise open.