Miss Bree has reached a significant milestone by completing her 6 levels of Dance Step, marking the beginning of her journey towards becoming a dance teacher. Her dedication to advancing her skills is evident in her commitment to the next step in her dance education. With enthusiasm and determination, Bree has embraced the opportunity to impart her knowledge and passion for dance to others.

In her role, Bree plays a crucial part in our Acro program, working closely with students to help develop their skills. Her approach is loving and nurturing, creating an environment where students feel supported and encouraged. Bree’s commitment to fostering skill development is not only evident in her dedication to her own growth but also in her compassionate teaching style, making her a valuable asset to our dance community.

Hear from Bree:

Q1. What inspires you?  …. ANSWERS COMING

Q2. What is your favourite song? …. ANSWERS COMING

Q3. What do you love about your job? …. ANSWERS COMING

Q4. A word to describe Dance Kix? …. ANSWERS COMING

Q5. What’s your favourite quote? …. ANSWERS COMING