Dance is for boys too because boys were made to move!

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Dance is a physical and athletic activity requiring great skill, strength, and agility. Sounds like an ideal fit for energetic boys, right?

Boys love to dance from a young age, just as much as girls. We’ve all seen it in toddlers doing cutest-ever moves to music. ​However, most forms of dance classes tend to have an overabundance of female dancers in comparison to their male counterparts. While most boys are drawn to other forms of activity like soccer or football, some ​boys have a passion for dance. And, there ​is something to be said for why boys should dance!

Number Six
Confidence and Focus – Dancing is a challenging sport, both on stage and in the studio. In order to master the moves, dance requires concentration and focus. The pride that follows, and the feelings of success when nailing that hard dance step, or performing to an audience brings a surge of self confidence. Increased confidence, partnered with the ability to focus also benefits many aspects of their everyday and school life. Dance creates the kind of confidence that should not be contained within the 4 walls of the studio, and we love to hear stories of how a new found confidence reaches other aspects of a child’s life!

Number Five
Creativity & Self Expression – Freedom of expression is empowering to young people! Dance is an amazing vehicle to help boys express themselves in a creative and safe environment. It similarly allows children to process emotions and to express their feelings with an additional non-verbal outlet for communication.

Number Four
Competitiveness —Dance speaks to the competitive nature inherent in every boy. Whilst our best competitor will always be our reflection in the mirror, there is no disguising the competitive nature of boys! Trying your best, and sometimes trying to outperform the person next to you (in a friendly way of course) builds resilience and drives boys to seek improvement within themselves. Boys naturally thrive on competition, and when nurtured in the right way – it can set boys up for success.

Number Three
It’s good for you! – Aside from increased stamina, muscle definition and posture – dancing improves your heart and lungs as well as releasing those endorphins associated with lessened anxiety and depression and an overall more positive outlook. Dance promotes the need for developing a strong core, everyone benefits from standing tall and not slouching – boys are no exception! Dancing requires coordination, strength and agility – which can also be complementary to many other extracurricular sports.

Number Two
To be a leader not a follower — ​Dance is about being fearless! If you take up dance, you’re going to be in a minority, so you have to be ready for the challenge. ​However, you may even inspire others when they see how much fun you’re having! ​Magic happens at Dance Kix when we combine leaders with the concept of teamwork and cooperation. Boys learn the value of working together for a common goal and honing cooperation skills that will not only benefit them in other sports, but going forward throughout their lives.

Number One
It’s Boys Only! – At Dance Kix, boys get their very own program – Boys Only Hip Hop – where they receive individualised instruction from our Dream Team Teachers. ​Boys bring their own unique energy and vitality—and a good amount of male aggression to choreography, which we LOVE, especially in Hip Hop.


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