Benefits of Dance for Tweens and Teenagers

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The benefits of dance for teenagers is extensive.  But, the bottom line is simple – teens who participate in dance, tend to be teens that thrive in life.

In a couch potato culture, dance keeps you in touch with your body.  It is an all-round healthy activity that can give you a top-to-toe fit body.  And let’s be honest, we all need a little bit more exercise in our lives… teens included.  Learning to dance takes years of hard work. Dance is good for your head, heart, lungs and bones.  It’s a fun way to stay active whilst increasing your strength, stamina and flexibility. Dancing encourages good posture and body awareness.  Not only will it give you physical confidence, but it will give you mental and emotional strength too.

Dance and music are proven to promote brain stimulation.  Dance requires you to use multiple parts of your brain at the same time – music stimulates the brain’s reward centres, while dance activates its sensory and motor circuits.  This increased brain power improves your mental sharpness, agility, intelligence and, dare I say it mums and dads, increase attention span!

Dance builds life skills, resilience and determination because, well, dance is hard!  You learn to keep trying despite failed attempts at a particular step or movement. Dance dishes out a few slices of humble pie, but with it you will get an excellent dose of self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence.  And whether it is your new-found self worth or your newly flexed, bulging brain, it can actually help to achieve better grades in school, handle peer pressure, manage your emotions and many other things that the teen years throw at your precious, indecisive, impassioned, nervous, fickle, impulsive, temperamental, sensitive, spontaneous darling.

Dancers build lasting memories and friendships.  Whether it’s from the long hours spent together in a studio, performing on stage, accomplishments in exams or competitions, the magic of dance is shared with everyone that you dance with, reach out to or connect with.  The shared experience of becoming a better dancer through passion, perseverance and determination unites dancers all over the world. And because dance builds awareness and appreciation of the differences and similarities between people, this makes you a better person in this world.

There’s not much you need to know in life that you haven’t already learned in dance class.  One of those things is that you never stop growing. There’s always more goals to accomplish, details to master, getting to the next level… in dance or in life.  And, if dance is your chosen career, every step you ascend, lights the way to even more opportunity. Commitment, diligence and dedication are just a few of the life skills dancing develops in its’ lifetime pupils.  You are all kinds of awesome. Now go and achieve whatever your heart desires.


Leila Mewburn
Creative Director of Dance Kix

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