Ballet Builds Better Dancers – 5 reasons to take up Classical Ballet!

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We all want our kids to excel in life and become well rounded young men and women. I believe that developing skills in the arts is a great place to build and enhance self discipline, dedication, confidence, creativity, teamwork and improved physical health. Often, parents ask us what style of dance would be the best choice for their child… and a good dance teacher will recommend classical ballet.

Sadly classical ballet often gets pushed aside in favor of tap dancing, hip-hop, jazz and other forms of dance. But, did you know that classical ballet forms the foundation upon which all other popular forms of dance are built on? With ballet technique, good dancers become great dancers!

Here are 5 reasons why dancers should take ballet classes!

#1. To understand your body better

No matter what your dance focus, you need to know your body. The structured, methodical approach of ballet training encourages you to learn about anatomy and your own strengths and weaknesses. This understanding will serve you well in other dance styles, sports and life in general.

#2. For excellent posture, grace and strength

Ballet dancers are known for their graceful presence and fabulous posture. Even if you stopped doing ballet years ago you probably still get strangers asking if you’re a dancer – and who doesn’t like that? Training in ballet can help you develop lean, non-bulky muscles. You’ll also develop strength which will support other dance styles and sports, even if ballet isn’t your number one focus.

#3. To give your other dance styles that extra shine

Dancers who are classically trained always stand out from the crowd as looking extra polished, with super clean technique. Articulation of the feet and legs, placement of the hips and alignment of the spine are all things that ballet focuses heavily on and can carry through to your other dance styles, particularly contemporary, lyrical and jazz.

#4. To learn a little French

Yes, fondu is a pot of melted cheese, it’s also a french ballet term meaning ‘sinking down’ or ‘melting’. Along with demi plie, fondue, en croix, battement tendu… ballet terminology is important not just in teaching you the names of the steps, but in understanding the nature of the movement. The bonus? You get to learn at least part of another language, which will come in handy more often than you might think.

#5. To be swept away

Yes, it’s hard work, and arguably the most difficult dance style to master, but ballet can also be the most magical. There’s a reason why the general public are so fascinated with the artform – it’s elite athletes doing the most incredible things and making them look effortless. At Dance Kix it’s not all about the pursuit of perfection – sometimes we just need to allow ourselves to be swept away in the beauty, the tradition and the romance of the movement and the music

Maybe you’ve never considered ballet as an afterschool activity before. Now that you are aware of some of the wonderful benefits of this form of dance, why not give it a go!


Leila Mewburn
Creative Director of Dance Kix

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