Heidi Airton

Assistant Teacher


As our youngest member of the team, Heidi infuses her passion for dance with our students by assisting in classes. Heidi is inspired by the benefits of dance which extend beyond the studio. She particularly enjoys welcoming new students into Dance Kix and supporting those students who need some extra help in class.

Heidi is currently completing dance exams in both Jazz, Contemporary and Classical Ballet.

Hear from Heidi:

Q1. What inspires you? Inspiration is everywhere, what inspires me most though is how everything keeps going. No matter how bad things are, the sun still rises and the plants still grow. That gives me a sense that regardless of the hardships that I face, I will keep going. I will still rise above it and grow to be more than I was.

Q2. What is your favourite song? Forever Young by Youth Group

Q3. What is the best thing about Dance Kix? I love seeing how sharing my love for Dance has helped these little people to find theirs too. I love seeing all the smiles, both from my coworkers and the kids. It is truly great that I can feel so inexplicably happy and fulfilled in my workplace and I am eternally grateful for that. I know that the lovely people around me at Dance Kix feel the same way.

Q4. A word to describe Dance Kix? Passion

Q5. What’s your favourite quote? Be grateful for all that you are, all that is and seek what sets your soul on fire.

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