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I feel very fortunate to have built a career and a successful business around something I really love – DANCE! I could not imagine life without it, dance has been a part of my life for so long (over 30 years in fact..) that now it feels like it is part of my soul. As the owner and Creative Director of Dance Kix, and Mum to two busy boys Levi (7) and Rix (4), the juggle of being a working Mum can be tricky (to put it lightly). I’m grateful to have a deep passion and purpose, which drives and motivates me to follow my calling; which is to teach dance within a nurturing environment where children can grow to be self assured and well balanced humans. 

My journey as a Dancer began as a child, I grew up dancing everywhere I went, if there wasn’t music playing, I was dancing to my own beat playing in my head. I loved it! I would dance in front of anyone who would watch me, family, friends, even my grade 3 class as my ‘show and tell’ – it gave me so much confidence as a young child and bridged the way for friendships to blossom and creativity to flow!

As I transitioned into my teenage years, it became something different, it became my safe haven. The dance studio was a place where I could lose myself, yet find myself all at once – it was grounding for me. The best part was that my dance friends and teachers also knew what that felt like and understood how dance freed me. It gave me just enough release to reset and shake off whatever was bothering me. Be that pressure at school, turmoil at home or just crazy teenage hormones! Dance became a healthy way of letting go, and to this day it still has the power to do that. 

As an audience member, when the curtain draws back, you see the finished product… a polished performance. What you don’t see is the hours of practice, the failures, the feedback and applied learnings that a dancer takes on board in preparation for that moment on stage.  As they say ‘the show must go on’ and so dancers learn to be adaptable and never give up! That translates into building tenacity, perseverance and resilience.

Another wonderful yet simple thing about Dance, is that it teaches you the importance of being in the moment. It’s no easy feat to engage muscle groups, balance, coordinate the body in time with the music, listen to your teacher and also move in synergy with your classmates, so it leaves little room for the mind to wander. Combine this with high cardio aerobic exercise and emotional releases and the body produces and releases beneficial endorphins whilst reducing cortisol in the body. It’s pretty amazing, don’t you think? 

My dance journey continued and I went on to pursue a career in Music Theatre which led me to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree and took me on an overseas adventure to the UK and Europe. What I discovered about myself in those days was how many skills from theatre and dance cross over into life skills. It was these skills that allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and into the arena, as I travelled around meeting new people, exploring new places and landing jobs! 

When I became a Mum in 2013, my focus switched to looking for activities that instilled these same skills and benefits in children within my community. It became clear to me that although there were lots of activities around, there was still something missing from what they offered. So I started Dance Kix! 

What we do at Dance Kix is more than just teach dance and performing arts. We help each child see their own potential by nurturing a positive self image through building confidence, social skills and connectedness to those around them. We celebrate them as individuals. Yes we’re teaching dance, of course, but it’s important to develop a balance between a healthy body and a healthy mind – this way kids grow to be self assured rather than seeking validation from others, or comparing themselves to others and changing who they are to fit in. They can have the confidence to just be themselves

I feel that my sense of success comes from knowing that I get to pass the joy, life skills and happy feelings on to other kids, and make a positive difference. My hope is that families will look back 10 years from now, and say that joining Dance Kix was one of the best decisions they made for their child. 

Happy Dancing,

Donna Hann

Owner & Creative Director of Dance Kix

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