We’re not about winning competitions…

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.
— Zen Shin

 We are a recreational dance school, we partake in many community performances in our region but we are not a competition based school. We absolutely value high quality teaching and believe that correct technique should be learned from the beginning of a dancers journey, and should continue to develop as the student progresses.

We also believe that a balance should exist between maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind. For this reason we have chosen to adapt our dance school to align with the concept of positive psychology. In no way does that mean we claim to be psychologists, but we do actively take steps towards empowering students to develop positive self concepts.

This means we encourage students to get to know their strengths and become self assured, rather than seeking validation by comparing themselves to others (which is why we choose not to compete as a dance school). Research shows that actively building a positive perception of oneself can help young people to build resilience and confidence, so that they can live authentically - instead of trying to fit in and change who they are just to fit in.

So how do we provide our dancers with performance experience?

We seek opportunities to perform within the community as often as possible - and we get lots of them! In 2018, our performance team was invited to perform at the Channel 9 Brisbane Lord Mayors Christmas Carols for over 3,000 people - how amazing is that!

Our annual concert showcase is performed at the Gladstone Entertainment and Convention Centre, with 2 annual sell out shows to over 600 people per show. We have been reviewed as being the most organised and well run local dance concerts!

We also present ‘Peek Week’ once per term in class, so that students have the chance to perform in a more relaxed and casual setting.