Jazz/Hip Hop

Junior, Intermediate and Senior


Street Jazz is a hybrid of Hip Hop and Jazz Dance! It’s foundation lies with Jazz, but the style and flair comes from Hip Hop. This class teaches the fundamentals of Jazz technique such as correct and safe body positioning and isolations. The creative Hip Hop style is introduced with the use of heat beats and staccato moves. Kicks, turns and jumps are often very favourable with our students too! It’s high energy and lots of fun!

Junior: Grades 1 - 3

Keeping in mind that these young groovers are still learning to keep focused, we keep things moving with warm-ups, corner travelling work, combinations and of course we build a routine week by week.

Intermediate: Grades 4 - 6

Following the same concept described above, out intermediate hip hoppers are challenged to push the limits, with faster steps and detailed choreography. We aim to establish strong technique and coordination and we encourage students to explore their own creativity and style with opportunities for improvisation. A vigorous warm-up is followed by travelling combinations or corner work and learning and polishing the class routine.

Senior: Grades 7 - 10

Building on the skills above, our senior hip hoppers are a more mature group, where we challenge the level of choreography, fitness and flexibility of our dancers.