Adult Classes

Age 16+

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Dance Fitness:

This class will get your heart pumping, legs burning and sweat on your brow! Incorporating high energy styles of dance like Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary, this class is 60mins of creative choreography to the latest music, and the classics! The unique style of choreography makes it challenging for both beginners and experienced dancers and needless to say, we have a lot of fun in this class!

Adults Lyrical/Contemporary: 30 min - mini class

Designed to follow on from our Dance Fit class, this lyrical/contemporary mini class will slow down the pace, by exploring elements of ballet for strength, poise and grace, combined with the freedom of lyrical/contemporary dance. This 30min class will stretch out those muscles and leave your feeling light, relaxed and connected.

Tap: Beginner and Intermediate Levels

Shuffles, Stomps, Maxie Fords, Shirley Temples, Cramp Rolls, Buffalos, Cinicnnatis, Grab offs, Riffs, Time Step and Wings… the list goes on! It doesn’t matter if you know these steps already or you have no idea what they are, we’ve got you covered!

With the provision of two teachers in our classes, we split our adults class into 2 groups: beginners and intermediate/advanced. This way, if you are learning tap for the first time, we can help to break down the steps and build your confidence levels so that eventually you can progress to more challenging steps and combinations. On the other hand (or foot), if you love a challenge and consider yourself to be an intermediate or advanced level tapper, we will lift the bar! Teaming tricky rhythms with upbeat music will get your heart rate up and really get your body and brain working!